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At Benoit Valerie Calvet we source and supply quality wines to clients around the world.

Our clients include retailers and distributors around the world with 95% of sales abroad. Our wines – be they Bordeaux chateaux or international brands – are on sale as far afield as the UK, USA, Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Brazil and the Seychelles, to name a few. It is a market that is changing fast. So we are sensitive to market trends and understand the importance of delivering a product that will best meet the demands of our clients and their customers.


We don’t just respond to trends, we set them; whether it’s label design, wine style or improved distribution. A prime example of this is that we were the first to put Bordeaux wines with Stelvin closures into the UK market. BVC were also leaders amongst wine merchants in responding to environmental concerns, obtaining organic accreditation from ECOCERT in 2000.


BVC deliver the very best quality product at the most competitive price achievable. Viticultural expertise and leading oenologists are key to this as is the relationship we support between the end client and the wine grower. It’s a winning method and we have an extensive number of awards, medals and prizes for our wines to show for it.

BVC and our partners are certified with BRC, IFS, HACCP and ISO standards for the entire production process.


We have intentionally structured ourselves so that we can move quickly and have the ability to adapt to the demands of both supplier and client. We outsource functions like storage and production lines that keep us both competitive and responsive.


Our motto – and promise – is “to deliver wine above expectation and on time”. At BVC we are extremely proud that our quality wines will always be where and when they need to be.


Our network extends around the globe and as a BVC partner you can benefit from the opportunity this offers to either sell or export from anywhere in the world.


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