Benoit Valerie Calvet

The Calvet family has a history in the Bordeaux wine story that stretches back well into the last century and, as some might say, we have wine in our veins!

Benoît Calvet met law and business graduate, Valérie Bataille in 1982. Inspired by their ‘love at first site’, they travelled to Dubai to work and experience life in a very different culture. They returned to Bordeaux in 1985 for the birth of their first child and set up their own wine company, “Benoit Valerie Calvet” alongside Benoît’s father, Patrice.

This husband and wife time have proven to be a formidable partnership combining shrewd business sense with drive, creativity and good humour. Their on-going success is driven by their willingness to look forward with open minds.

Alongside their work as Bordeaux négotiants, they established ‘Le Voyageur’ brand of Bordeaux wines in 1988 and their commitment to see it succeed helped them establish a strong export presence and took them to new markets such as Japan and the USA.  This was the start of an extensive portfolio that they have continued building over the years, simultaneously growing their marketing expertise and always with a quality product at the core.

BVC began looking at other key European markets with a view to broadening their portfolio. A strong business presence in Spain and Italy grew rapidly as well as projects in South America. Regardless of where BVC is in the world, our commitment to building a family of trusted, long-term suppliers remains at the center of our business model.

Today the market is as competitive as it has ever been and we are proud at Benoit Valerie Calvet to have kept pace and indeed grown. We believe that our success is due to the quality of suppliers we work with and as a result of our comprehensive knowledge of the global wine market.


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